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Asked 10/13/2009


Im a sixty seven year old female. This is a critical question for not only myself but,my husband as well. Im undergoing chemo for anal cancer.The sore on my bottom is almost healed over. im still on chemo.My husband has critical problems with his heart,plus his blood pressure. Our doctors and nurses have presented us several options concerning my husbands over active sex drive once,Im in remission and released. My husband is sixty five years of age. The chemo and radiation treatments have change my organs,especially my vagina.our doctors and nurses have been extremely worried about his medical condition and his extremely high sex drive. I definitely don't wish to be injured during sex. Our doctors and nurses have mentioned the option of me haveing my husband castrated. My husband has agreed to this option. I have two questions:(1) will castration slow and control his urge?(2) will it hurt him physically if,I have him castrated? We dont wish to have any more children. I need an answer back A/S/A/P.


Answer 1/28 - Submitted 10/13/2009

Need answer A/S/A/P.


Answer 2/28 - Submitted 10/13/2009

Oh yeah chemical or physical castration will curb his urges and it will scar him emotionally somewhat. I ca think of a million and one ways to curb his urges or get him satisfaction but if he's okay with it, God love him. We already know you do.


Answer 3/28 - Submitted 10/14/2009

Thank you,bobintexas for your answer. Im not really interested in a million and one ways to curb his urge or satisfaction. My husband & I celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary last month. He is a warm,friendly and considerate person.Im merely interested in protecting not only my health(sexual)but,the health of my husband as well.As,I understand it,chemical castration is accomplished by shots,which can require a certain amount of time. Our doctors and nurses have indicated to us that.physical castration brings an immediate resolution rather than a prolonged one. At our age,emotional scaring isnt a problem.At our age,We are both too old and short on time(age wise) to properly train a new spouse.Since,I have no medical training or knowledge on the subject of either method,is the reason for my question. The physical part of my question(castration)was left unanswered.I would greatly appreciate it if, other women or medical personel would provide some input into my inquiry.Thank you.


Answer 4/28 - Submitted 10/14/2009

Hello yeomanry281,This is gwen,
I can give you a qualified answer on castration for men. Im very suprised that more females havent weighed in on this subject,especially in your situation.Alot of women beleive that,this surgery requires hospitalization. Not so.Totally incorrect.Doctors simply try to sucker females into beleiveing this garbage in order to collect off your insurance.You don't have to have an urologist to perform physical castration on a man.Only chemical castration. Any General surgeon can castrate(cut)your husband.Preferably,It should be a female general surgeon,since male general surgeon dont really like to castrate another of their species.I speak from experience. I had cervical cancer,now in remission. Im now sixty nine years of age. My husband had a extra high sex drive. We have been married forty years.He has been kind,careing with a gentle nature.However during sex sometimes,He wanted to get a little out of line. Before,I was totally healed and in remission,I finally found a female general surgeon,who agree to and did castrate (cut)my husband.The female surgeon did know,how to do it safely at my house saveing us alot of money.Some would suggest haveing it done in a medical atmosphere.Its a decision that should be done only after consulting with the surgeon that,you and your husband have chosen.At my home,It was done safely and,It acheived amazeing instant results. Before being castrated,He wanted sex whenever,he wanted it,sometime once per day. If,a man is young and in good health,thats fine,But not at age sixtyfive,at least not useing my body.Although,my husband agreed to be castrated(cut),he did try to move around(get away from the scapel) during certain times of the surgery process.The surgeon said,this was a normal reaction for a man.In my case,a simple short summary,mission accomplished.The health of my husband and myself are safe.Gwen


Answer 5/28 - Submitted 10/14/2009

Hello Yeomanry 281, I amost forgot. That answer about leaveing him emotionally scared,thats hog wash and simply a false state of mind. It simply got my husbands attention(his mind was focused south of his belt line). He is more family orientated now.Gwen


Answer 6/28 - Submitted 10/15/2009

Yeomanry281, You go for the physical castration option honey.No future problems as far as sex is concerned. Im totally shocked that,no other females have offered any suggestions to you on this matter. I know out of forty five viewer's,there has to be some women.Come on girls,give some support to this phyically handicapped lady.Show some respect.Freda


Answer 7/28 - Submitted 10/17/2009

Hello viewers, I appreciate all input from the three viewers,who wished to offer their help. However if,There were only three people out of more than forty five people,who thought of offering their input,maybe my question should not have been offered for consideration of the viewers.yeomanry281


Answer 8/28 - Submitted 10/26/2009

Hello yeomanry281,I have visited this site several times in the past.I usuall jus skim over the subjects at a fast speed.I was doing the same,when your question caught my eye. First let me offer a simple but honest observation. You probably have worked hard all of you life to help support your family.You didnt ask for cancer to strike you.You definitely didnt ask for the hospital stays and the treatments. I just can't understand how,some women or doctors can visit this site.view content,see your question,without picking upon you pain,agony and grief.These people are liveing in their own little world,never takeing time to offer their helpful advice to such a deserving person such as yourself.Now to my answer to your question. I faced a stressful situation but not cancer.My problem was that,my husband wanted to continue to impregnate me after,I had already had ten children.After 9th child,I told him,I didn't want any more children.I asked him to have a vasectomy.He said that,He had set up an appointment,even made a so call visit. I was at work. Later,He complained,He was sore from the operation. We waited seven weeks.I didnt think to do a follow up to check out his story.Needless to say after forty five days,I was pregnant again.I found out,he hadnt had a vasectomy. It really PO'd me to say the least.I checked to find a female general surgeon.I found one.I gave my husband a option.be casterated or no sex. He didnt like it but,he agreed to be cut.Female general surgeon did him at our house without any problems.My husband didn't like it,complained and tried to move around during the surgery.The surgeon completed the process. This was two years ago.Needless to say.I haven't got pregnant anymore. My answer to you,go for physical castration. Just a simple plea to other female viewers,get real and help this lady with her problem.


Answer 9/28 - Submitted 11/4/2009

"have him castrated" - you aren't serious are you? If you are, I hope he "has your voice box and thumbs removed."

You do not control another human beings body, dont want sex? fine, say no. Don't like how he responds? fine, leave him.

Trying to force anyone to undergo a life altering procedure to benefit you is disgusting.

Disgusting filthy swine.


Answer 10/28 - Submitted 11/4/2009

Hello Yeomanry281.....This is something that you and your husband have discussed I am quite sure..The word "Castration" is a label that some individuals simply can not understand....Your physician has explained this procedure to you....I am pretty certain that your husbands health issues are of utmost concern, as are yours...This is NO WAY will change the love that the two of you share...Listen to your physicians , discuss this with each other or get the advise of a psycologist to make sure that this is something that your husband will be OK with, and then proceed as necessary..I wish you both luck , however , after 30+ yrs, I think the two of you will be fine..Sex is sometimes over-rated....Good Luck to you and your Husband and God Bless...Wishing both of you good health and a happy future filled with love and devotion...


Answer 11/28 - Submitted 11/15/2009

I am just about your husbands age. I was castrated about two years ago. There are many more men castrated (mostly for medical reasons) than most people would think there are. He should be just fine after castration if attention is paid to his emotional needs and to the physical effects. Don't let anyone tell you what a horrible thing it is to be castrated, it is not at all a bad thing.


Answer 12/28 - Submitted 12/16/2009

I agree with A-Hall. Castration is not a bad thing. I am 45 and going to castrated soon as I my partner has menopause and has lost her sex drive, she has tried hormone replacement, which helped with hot flashes etc, but not with her libido. Iike yeomenry281 husband I also have a strong sex drive, I have done a trial run with chemical castration, and I did not feel any bad effects what so ever, if fact it was all positive. Sure my sex drive was less, but I had much more than I needed anyway. I felt a lot calmer and was much more considerate to my wife and other people. I had more energy, mainly because I slept better. I think we grew closer and we were still intimate. So if you think castrated men are impotent and sexless you are wrong. I think more women should discuss this with their husbands. If you feel it is right for you go for it. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks. Anyway who will find out, unless you walk around without your pants.


Answer 13/28 - Submitted 12/16/2009

Kiwi,You said that,you did trial run with chemical castration.Are,you going with with surgical castration as well?did,you and your partner discuss your desire to be castrated? If so,what was her response?Im waiting for more suggestions.However,Ive found a female surgeon. As of right now,The surgeon wants to cut my husband on the second Saturday afternoon in janurary,2010 in our home.My husband And I have already signed an agreement and faxed it back to the doctor.Im haveing my husband cut for his health as well as mine.We have discussed all aspects of the surgery with the doctor.


Answer 14/28 - Submitted 12/17/2009

She is ok with me being surgically castrated as I also have ochalgia, and know how much pain I have at times. It is unusal to have such an operation in your home.


Answer 15/28 - Submitted 3/3/2010

I am interested to know if you got your husband castrated yet ?
I am interested to know the results,how long did it take for his sex drive to dissapear.
Is he still interested in sex?


Answer 16/28 - Submitted 3/4/2010

Just a little more input here....Chemical Castration eliminates the ability to achieve an erection and does in some ways deplete the hormorne responsible for the feeling of sexual arousal..This does not mean that we remove the brain...There still may be times if a man is dwelling on sex(if he is an highly sexual individual), that he may still have thoughts of past sexual expiriences..He just will not get the arousal that he did before...The only way that we could accomplish all thoughts of sex would be to do a frontal lobotomy.....


Answer 17/28 - Submitted 3/15/2010

Hi NED1234, are you a woman? Not yet. Doctor and her staff were supposed to cut him yesterday. Due to problems,she can't do it right no. Im waiting for a phone call from another female general surgeon whom,I have previously been in touch with in the past. Her appointment secretary say that,she can cut him within seven days,which is satisfactory with me. Ive been assured that,theres nothing as far as pain for him to be concerned about except when,she ties off each tube before removeing testicles from his scrotum. The doctors assistant has informed me that ,the male only has a ten second reaction for each tube. As to his reaction after,his testicles have been removed remains to be seen. I will try to keep you informed. If anyone wishes to keep in touch with me on this matter,contact me at seawolf1944@yahoo.com. h by the way ned1234 if,You are you a male,who is considering castration?Thank youYeoman321


Answer 18/28 - Submitted 7/20/2010

Physical castration or chemical castration will help somewhat to curb the urges, but i think you love him, and that is very important.


Answer 19/28 - Submitted 7/22/2010

Its always better to rely on natural ways. So i hope you have got the answer. Because artificial sensation may not last and can get some side effects also.


Answer 20/28 - Submitted 9/1/2010

Aftr reading this answer several times,I feel free to follow her lead.I have aready se up an appointment for my female surgeon & her staff to cut my husband on second saturday in this month at 5:00 PM. I thank everyone for their input.Freda


Answer 21/28 - Submitted 12/26/2010

From male that has ask about castration of female doctors and have been brush off i wish a list of female surgeon could be made aviable. To find one would great.


Answer 22/28 - Submitted 3/4/2011


I for one would love to know how you are all finding these female surgeons to come out to your homes
and castrate your husbands.I have had I life of pain with with mine because the are very lage to the point that my uroligst told me years ago to wear jockstraps all the time for support and to help ease the pain. Well it does not work out to well so I have been wanting to have them cut off for a long tjme. If there is a female surgeon out there that could cut them off for me I would Be more than happy to spread my legs open and let you cut them off. I to was thinking of getting a vasectomy. But heck if i am going to get cut on down there lets clip the tops and let them drop. I have been told one could do it with the help of someone using a burdizzo this tool crushes the tudes to the testies which will cut off the blood supply to the teste and it will die and over time the testies will be absoreb by the body until they are gone. Any female surgeon can email me at ladyboy1979@hotmail.com


Answer 23/28 - Submitted 6/29/2011

So my man can't get me pregnant


Answer 24/28 - Submitted 7/20/2011

Castrated my husband 15 years ago..best thing we ever did..much better and healthier than a vasectomy


Answer 25/28 - Submitted 2/25/2013

Just let him have sex with other women. This must be a joke if you think you will get pregnant at 65 years old.


Answer 26/28 - Submitted 2/9/2014

I am a male and have a very high sex drive but take care of it by frequent masturbation. Women here are talking as if castration is like circumcision. It is way too complex. A man needs his balls, and no woman should be deciding to have them removed. If sex drive is a problem, then let him masturbate in private. Dont take his manhood away. Women think a man is her pet. My wife twisted my ears in public when I irritated her today, but she would never castrate me if I asked her for too much sex. She just denies it a lot. I am frustrated but I know not to bother her in case she gets ideas like these women are proposing. Castration will convert your husband into a female slave of yours. Not good. He wont be the same man. Being a man has its own problems (sex drive) but please dont take that one thing away from us. Please dont start a trend in society that makes men a victim. This is a crime.


Answer 27/28 - Submitted 9/15/2014

Best answer your husband needs someone who loves him, and that is not you. Your motives are purely selfish, and self serving. You have ways to relieve his sex drive. If you want you could get a seri got, and poof maybe your husband may truly get someone who thinks about him instead of herself. I have idea get yourself fixed and let your husband free to find true love.


Answer 28/28 - Submitted 5/19/2015

I think hormones will let him see if castration is his thing or not they will lessen his sex drive he will not be able to get it up then if he likes it castration will be the next thing,,

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